Mango is called “The King of Fruit,” one of the most nutritious, not to mention delicious as Pakistani Mangoes are high in fiber, low in calories and contain a small amount of carbohydrates, calcium, iron, potassium and a little protein and are rich in vitamins, A, B and C containing other antioxidant vitamins as well. It is one of the sweetest fruit in the world.

Chaunsa mango of Pakistan is one of the worlds’ top available varieties. Chaunsa is a variety of mango grown in different parts of the world, but originally from Rahim Yar Khan and Multan in Punjab. It is an exceptionally sweet mango with a wonderful fragrance and delicious soft, succulent flesh with only the minimum of fibre. it is not a fruit of beauty, usually being of a pale, matt yellow appearance, but one inside the thin peel it is a delight.

Sindhri is a Leading variety of Sindh province. Its shape ovalish long, size large, skin colour lemon yellow when ripe, pulp colour yellowish cadmium, texture fine and firm fibreless, stone medium sized, flavour pleasantly aromatic and taste sweet. It’s origin from Mir Pur Khas. It is also the national fruit of Pakistan because this variety is top in Pakistan. Sindhri is very famous mango variety from Pakistan and Among the Best Mangoes of the World.

Mango is the second most exported fruit from Pakistan mainly to USA,Middle East, Germany, Japan, China and Hong Kong . Pakistan is now the 4th largest producer in the world behind India, China, Mexico and Thailand.


Mango Types:



Anwar Ratol 



Fajri Kalan